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Sara Jay Videos

Sara Jay
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United States
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Added on: 2018-02-06 Video Thumbnail Views 2624 Duration 5:00 Sara Jay oils up her Curves and fucks black Cock
Added on: 2017-12-08 Video Thumbnail Views 3509 Duration 2:01 Sara Jay enjoys sucking her BF's massive Pecker
Added on: 2017-07-24 Video Thumbnail Views 5012 Duration 2:00 Sara Jay and her stunning Girlfriend share a Cock
Added on: 2017-05-07 Video Thumbnail Views 7096 Duration 1:58 Sara Jays huge fake Tits get slimed with Cum shots
Added on: 2017-02-27 Video Thumbnail Views 9823 Duration 8:27 Sara Jay takes hardcore Pounding after giving Head
Added on: 2017-02-13 Video Thumbnail Views 7018 Duration 2:00 Busty Milf Sara Jay kneeling and sucking a fat Rod
Added on: 2016-06-29 Video Thumbnail Views 26303 Duration 9:09 Mature Sara Jay lets ebony Stud drill her Pussy
Added on: 2016-06-08 Video Thumbnail Views 15705 Duration 12:00 Sara Jay gets her Tits and Pussy fucked by a Dude
Added on: 2016-05-03 Video Thumbnail Views 14574 Duration 12:00 Oiled up Cougar Sara Jay gets nailed by black Cock
Added on: 2016-04-20 Video Thumbnail Views 9295 Duration 8:26 Playful Sara Jay fucks her Friend with a Strap On
Added on: 2016-04-14 Video Thumbnail Views 19921 Duration 5:00 Mature Babe Sara Jay shows her Cock sucking Skills
Added on: 2016-03-27 Video Thumbnail Views 7642 Duration 8:08 Naughty Sara Jay gets fucked hard by a black Boner
Added on: 2016-03-15 Video Thumbnail Views 12589 Duration 8:26 Sara Jay works his Chocolate Dong in her wet Pussy
Added on: 2016-03-09 Video Thumbnail Views 15091 Duration 8:20 Sara Jay pleasures herself with Toys and a Bottle
Added on: 2016-02-25 Video Thumbnail Views 11902 Duration 6:52 Mature Sara Jay has hot interracial three way Sex
Added on: 2016-02-19 Video Thumbnail Views 5764 Duration 7:01 Playful Gal Sara Jay blows Cock with her Boobs out
Added on: 2016-02-13 Video Thumbnail Views 13036 Duration 6:43 Sara Jay shows her Boobs and chokes on a Pecker
Added on: 2016-02-07 Video Thumbnail Views 7617 Duration 6:51 Naughty Sara Jay gets slammed hard in the Bathtub
Added on: 2016-02-01 Video Thumbnail Views 11544 Duration 7:06 Sara Jay gets nailed deep by a Chocolate Pecker
Added on: 2016-01-26 Video Thumbnail Views 20057 Duration 6:56 Busty Sara Jay has lesbo Fun with her horny Friend
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Latest Babe Comments (Showing 247 of 247 comments)

belltop 2017-11-19
Sara just turned 40(5 days ago) and she is still going strong! Love you beautiful Ms. Jay! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Keep doing work!
thisis4me 2017-11-05
I love beating off to Sara,I fuck my pillow thinking of her,I have been having fun to her for almost 10 years....Yummyyyy.....
thisis4me 2017-11-05
Sara in her new vid,in her lingerie gets me so hard,and a pleasurable finish....Yummyyyy.....
xfire 2017-11-03
Sara Jay keeps getting hotter.
HIGHWAYMAN620 2017-09-16
Nice pussy yummy
RicHandsome_1970 2017-09-01
Fuck them funcky black dicks white girl)
tj1979 2017-08-16
What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be fucked by so many guys I start to look like one and still retain my average mom looks. (Mission accomplished)
patg 2017-08-07
Dont know what it is but i fined her face very hot her best feature by far id cum all over her face every time so fucking hot
nobilise 2017-08-05
Sara might have a body that's hot as hell, but her face is uglier than sin.
thisis4me 2017-07-23
Sara is deffintly the most times I have cummed to,Tiffany Towers used to own my shots record,15 times this month and over 200 cum shot to this day,and more to cum...Yummyyyy.....
thisis4me 2017-05-05
I am already up to 11 times this year,i must be over 200 cum shots to this day....Yummyyy.....
patg 2017-04-01
Love her big natural tits so hot
thisis4me 2017-04-01
I love beating off....Yummyyyy.....
reesie87 2017-03-30
You guys can have her (though I do like her feet), I just want to suck every gorgeous black cock in her videos.
SavageVandal 2017-01-17
Sara Jay is SEXY as HELL!!! and this is for idiots who start comments with a disqualifying statement like "she can be ugly" @meyercaio7, keep that stupid shit off the boards, If you like a girl say so & leave it at that. anything else is just ignorant.
meyercaio7 2016-12-12
She can be ugly, but she is as hot as fuck!
milesobrian 2016-11-14
Happy Birthday gorgeous lady!
Herrolf 2016-08-18
Her ass just begs for anal. Anyone know if she's ever done anal?
Danoof 2016-05-25
Let's be truthful. I doubt any man would turn her down if the opportunity presented itself. She's not a raving beauty, but she's certainly not a buttahface.
The Widowmaker 2016-03-15
1 of the hottest fuck toys of all time. SARA JAY is amazing.
flemmy2902 2016-02-17
Could you do some without all the face paint? Looks great naked, but with all the make-up, it seems like she's still covered up.
Evlsol 2016-01-26
does anyone know if Sara has ever done anal & if s, where i can find it???
sweetswib 2015-12-07
Donkey, with me it's the fucked up crooked teeth
bobbycrush 2015-11-23
not a classic beauty by any means,but tonnes of sex appeal,i can't get enuff of this hot bitch.
trevor23 2015-10-24
One of my faves for years. Now, if she'd do some anal.....
DONKEY96 2015-10-17
Never could get on board with this one. It's that damn nose or something!!!
thisis4me 2015-09-11
love the new solo shots of her in her thongs,gets me hard,keep those pics of that ass cumming....yummyyy....
love-porn-stars 2015-08-30
I would really like to see Sara Jay in the new purple swim suit she got mmmm.
mrsecretoo 2015-08-03
Eu amo essa mulher! *-*
mark284 2015-07-23
I thought she was older. She looks older. She ain't all that, if it she did not have those big tits nun of you guys would care about her.
thisis4me 2015-06-17
Sara has always been one of my favs,10 years I have had nice cum shots to her pics and vids,over 100 times fore sure....yummyyyy.......
The Widowmaker 2015-06-06
SARA JAY is easily one of my biggest porn addictions right now and has to be in the Top 25 Adult stars EVER in the business. Hot amazing body that makes my cock hard.
ALgreen99 2015-05-09
ALgreen99 2015-05-09
Sara is easily one of my favorite most sexism ladies of all time.
patg 2015-04-11
Way no anal sex she has one of the best ass in the world she needs a good ass fucking plz sara do some anal for your fans
thisis4me 2015-04-02
When sara is even close to past her prime my dick will not rise,until than please more thong shots of your beautiful ass...yummyyy....
68Whiskey5150 2015-03-04
Dag! WAY past her prime. Time to hang it up.
bobT2277 2015-01-06
The perfect MILF !!! Great body, nice boobs...and a so sexy ass !! 100/100...i love you Sara !
Happy Birthday, Sara! xoxoxoxo
ehsan221988 2014-10-12
she is most beautiful woman in the world
Shades1 2014-09-28
Good ol Sara jay. It's been a while since I've seen any of your videos but baby you gave me some of my biggest spunk blasts. Good times good times
camplo72 2014-09-02
finally a footjob vid..ive said all along she has beautiful feet..bout time....
The Widowmaker 2014-08-28
SARA JAY is the kind of woman you know you want to fuck. She has a great sexy body. She loves cock. Her looks grow on you. Her attitude makes her super sexy. I think she is hot but I know I didnt until last year. She grows on you. I love her now.
Realwomanadmirer 2014-07-29
Man, she's lost so much weight this year :'( I liked her more when she had some jiggle. Still aight though I guess, its just not the same.
cooksad 2014-07-22
I would love to screw the hell out of her.
BigBob121 2014-07-19
Great body.
thisis4me 2014-06-21
Over 1oo times over the years to saras ass,it just keeps cumming...yummmyyy....
FsmBitches 2014-06-16
God knows I want to just bury my face in that beautiful asshole and pussy. Makes me just wanna bury my dick deep in that big booty and hot asshole with my balls slapping on that whore pussy. Fuaark
klover989 2014-05-24
I know how you all feel about SJ, back in 09, she was juicey and the last couple years she isnt ugly is a beast and my no. 2 fav. Her ass is one of the best, and I hate the fact that with an ass like hers, why doesnt she do anal?
me2153 2014-05-17
I would suck her and fuck all night long into the next day She is a walking talking male amusement park!
thisis4me 2014-04-06
Like her new set all in white bending over the wish she was in a thong...yummyyy...
TITE 2014-03-13
thisis4me 2014-02-28
Seeing her ass in a thong or G-strings gets me hard.7 years ago I saw that ass and love at first site..yummy...
Lupercal 2013-12-11
Sara has a magnificent arsehole, it's such a shame she doesn't follow her friend Ava Devine and get down to some filthy whorelike anal fucking!
patg 2013-12-09
I don't know way you guy's don't like her face i think she has a hot face and a sexy ass
Christa 2013-11-14
Happy Birthday Ms. Jay xoxo "Aspen"
laidoff2 2013-09-21
I never thought Sara would be anything more than a buttaface, but her new stuff has me wishing I could squeeze that big ass while shoving my meat balls deep in her pussy and then pumping gallons of jizz on those tits. Omg gotta beat off.
Lupercal 2013-08-12
I couldn't give a fuck what her face looks like I'd be far too busy stretching her arsehole wide open while I butt-fucked her senseless, the thought of my balls slapping against her cunt while I slammed my tool deep into her shitbox is pure heaven!
xCHx 2013-08-11
bonerkiller face
nobilise 2013-07-21
Sara has a body that is hotter than hell
For being in the business over 12 years now.. This shapely goddess is still one of the best in full-figured sluts.. She'll get my vote anyday.. Besides, when you hitting it from the back, who's looking at her face.. I have the perfect gimp-mask for her...
DerteWerk 2013-06-22
She's a textbook buttaface, but her body is the truth.
blackowned 2013-06-10
Sara Jay, although not the best looker in town, has a serious arse and killer curves to die for! Imagine a Mandingo 'root to tip, balls deep' penetration in that sweet arsehole.
Gabagool 2013-05-18
lube up and have a wank to kelly devine and vicky vette while youre at it u fuckin wasters
Lupercal 2013-05-11
Sara, you really need to consider doing anal now, your superb shitter is in dire need of a good stretching and I for one would love to widen that glorious tight puckered hole and deposit my seed deep within your bowels!
TITE 2013-03-23
Alinhosoares 2013-02-21
- Rainha Sara ? - Queen Sara ?
Lupercal 2013-02-07
Such a wonderfully filthy whore, would love to rim and sodomize her fabulous arsehole then let her suck my cock after its been embedded inside her greased up shitter until she's drained my swollen bollocks!
blackowned 2013-01-05
So juicy, my god!
Reddwarf01 2013-01-01
There is more sex appeal and smoldering energy in this woman than in any 50 other pornstars. If she wants to do blacks, whites, asians, or beastly sub-humans, I'll buy a ticket to it(especially the sub-humans, 'cause that's what species I am). Arooooo!
jcorone2000 2012-12-24
She has done a black gang bang before and it was with three guys and the black director. She can't wait to do more gang bangs featuring more black dicks. Sorry to tell you!
Lupercal 2012-12-17
I'm with RectumRecker, I would tongue her arsehole raw, then stretch her shitter wide open and sodomize her into oblivion before finally emptying my balls deep inside that exquisitely tight puckered rectum and fill her arse full of manfat..Sara rocks!
thisis4me 2012-12-08
hello sara,would you please do a vid of you walking topless in a thong,so that I can have a pleasurable time to your ass,thans thisis4me
Reddwarf01 2012-11-08
I would like to do such things to the delectable Ms Jay that would have seasoned hardcore pornstars turn white and steady themselves against the furniture in awe. That beautiful woman must know how she drives men mad with desire. The power she has...;-)
lamarwynn 2012-09-30
Best big bubble butt white milf in porn, bar none
blackowned 2012-09-15
Lmao. Truer words were never spoken, RectumRecker.
RectumRecker 2012-09-12
Hey 1tiddyluvr, you sound like a puny penis pantywaste, not to mention a racist, who is afraid of a serious asssssssss!!!! I would kill to 69 with this porn slut and then sodomize Sara into the next decade before bathing her mega boobs in hot semen.
mmsihh 2012-08-01
super milf
daredevil4ctg 2012-07-13
ANAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AgentRaven77 2012-06-21
I love this woman
me2153 2012-05-31
HOT! I would suck and fuck her with my big cock for as long as she could take it.
blackowned 2012-05-19
Built for brothaz(tm).
ukon_dav 2012-05-05
i love you Sara your so bootyful xxx
madoteko 2012-05-01
Need to do anal to become one of the greats. why didn't she make any anal sex for now ?
thisis4me 2012-05-01
when I see sara in a thong,she makes my thong get tighter to the point that I have to enjoy the moment of my hand...
Christa 2012-04-28
We love Sarah xoxo
TITE 2012-04-25
secretperve 2012-04-21
Need to do anal to become one of the greats. With that booty its pretty much a crime
spirithh 2012-04-18
this girl is sooo hooot
Fake_BBC_implant 2012-04-12
She sucks and fucks the Fake BBC Implants very good!!! Sarah Jay Forever!!!
ukon_dav 2012-04-09
your so bootiful xxx
Derik1 2012-03-31
Sara ist die perfekte Fotze für geile schwarze Schwänze,leider hab ich noch kein anal gesehen.
thisis4me 2012-03-28
Sara my buudy needs your warmth...
thisis4me 2012-03-26
can't wait to the letter S in my jackfest through the alphabet,I see Sara everyday and get so you are so hot in a thong...yummy......
mickhunter 2012-03-22
I think she is a babe... she never uses condoms.. wow and the amount of cock she has had make me burst.. dirty but great women
gratis_fff 2012-03-21
great assssssssssss
torylaneson 2012-03-16
I just want to be born out of that vagina. I cannot do away with the pleasure of getting born out of such a fucking pusy with massive thighs. Just conceive me inside you and do as much fucking u want for that.
kramer18 2012-03-12
She should be arrested for having that ass and not doing anal
Stockingsmaniac 2012-02-29
thisis4me 2012-02-18
her ass is jackalicious
blackowned 2012-02-11
She probably has the most downright curvy body in porn. Love this girl!
TITE 2012-02-10
ASSniffer 2012-02-02
I'm lucky i found her, Sara Jay may not be classically pretty, but she's much more attractive than the likes of Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie which look lifeless, it's like staring at a painting. Sara Jay is gorgeous,skillful and has one of the best bodies.
Jizz4812 2012-01-29
Fuckin' Hell people! She's not that bad LMBFHAO!! Her face is OK, not what you call really pretty but there you go, and she's not right FAT like you lot keep saying she is lol, so she's not slim either. Anyway I think she's HOT and would Fuck her like mad
LenEverything 2012-01-26
She's fuckin hot...but I can't figure out why!?!
sexxxman 2012-01-20
She is one of the best pornstars.
Christa 2012-01-07
I love you girl IR is cool if I weren't a Lesbian I like the Black men DR Rick!
me2153 2012-01-02
Hot body could really have some fun with her.
daredevil4ctg 2011-12-30
Happy New Year Sara Jay . I hope you will do your first Anal sex scene in 2012 .
NYNATIVE41 2011-12-30
She needs to remove her shoes in more of her scenes. Has cute feet but always wearing shoes. More creampies would be nice too.
2steps 2011-12-19
@blackrazor I am on her page because I was shocked to see Barbra Streisand doing porn but it just turned out to be a look alike.
leewall 2011-12-18
if she had as many dicks sticking out of her as she's had in her she'd look like a porcupine.
IluvAsians 2011-12-15
She's proof that any white girl with a fat ass that bangs brothas can make it in this business...she's horrendous!
guense77 2011-12-14
que pena que no se deje dar por el culoo, porque se le rompiaaaa bufff de todas formas me encanta esta milf :)
spassotigre 2011-12-04
Sara Jay's is proof that if god didn't want porn to exist, he wouldn't have created a body like that. I love how she makes huge cocks look so much smaller. Top notch performer... thank you Sara!
Keep sucking and fucking the brothas!
MochaMan 2011-12-04
Damn, I would do some seriously sick shit with her. With a body like that, the possibilities are endless.
blackrazor 2011-12-01
I love you Sara you've always been my favorite adult entertainer
blackrazor 2011-12-01
Wonder why you're on her page if you thkn that 2steps. She is gorgeous and is one of the top porn stars of all time for a reason.
BK718 2011-12-01
WTF I meant beast in a good way! Meaning that she fucks like Crazy!! I loved the gangbang scene that she did!! Sarah got fucked by 3 white guys. Has Sarah Jay ever done a gangbang with black guys? I think not.
2steps 2011-11-29
She's gross, not pretty at all.
mykranili 2011-11-21
She definitely isn't the best looking woman in the world. That said, she is absolutely HOT because of her cock handling skills. I would gladly bed her than a useless piece of flesh like K. Kardashian who's regarded as some some sort of queen; Sara all day
ganeshhh 2011-11-20
love sara
Traction 2011-11-18
Interspecies (sex between human and animal) is a rather disgusting comment to leave. It doesn't matter who you are calling the animal.
milesobrian 2011-11-14
Congratulations Sara on your birthday today!
urost 2011-11-14
sara is a dream fuck
Chumpyman 2011-11-11
Interspecies, eh? I don't know why the FreeOnes mods let disgusting comments like that stand.
BK718 2011-11-08
Sarah Jay is a beast!! She is a true Superstar!!! (she's the animal).
blackowned 2011-10-26
I shoot a load 10 feet into the air whenever Sara starts riding!
horny80 2011-10-24
I'am not ashamed to say that I have jerked off to Sara Jay a jillion times.
dizzywhisper 2011-10-20
What a fucking sexy ass woman. She is a true cougar
milesobrian 2011-10-20
Sara has her lovers and those that hate on her-but she can coax a cock with the best of 'em!
BREASTMAN 2011-10-09
madoteko 2011-10-04
jjwashere 2011-10-02
she is only 33? wtf she looks closer to 50 then she does 30 what a butterface
daredevil4ctg 2011-10-01
KaciFan 2011-10-01
I agree, face isn't the most attractive. But damn, that body is fucking amazing! I get off just thinking about bending her over and slamming my dick in her sweet ass!
Chumpyman 2011-09-30
"This is the kind of woman that you look up when you need good, hot, dirty, ball draining sex" - I agree 100%
leewall 2011-09-29
Is this woman had as many dicks sticking out of her as she's had stuck in her she'd look like a porcupine
mykranili 2011-09-29
This is one unattractive woman, a truck stop beauty queen. That said, she's absolutely hot, considering the skills she has in taking care of cock. This is the kind of woman that you look up when you need good, hot, dirty, ball draining sex for 1 night...
lpfm7dude 2011-09-28
I don't know about the rest of you. but Sara Jay is the best milf babe our there. She's the only one that looks fine all around, is white with a booty and knows how to fuck a man.
M9D9M9 2011-09-27
Her face might not look great when alone but when there's a cock in her mouth, or her face covered in cum it actually looks better than most pornstars do.
blackowned 2011-09-27
It is truly beyond words to describe the hardness I achieve upon watching Sara's scenes, with that big, bouncing booty taking up 50% of the frame!
TITE 2011-09-21
BK718 2011-09-21
Sarah Jay is so popular because she is a freak with 2 butts (if you know what I mean lol).
666_69 2011-09-05
if you think she looks good then you are insane.
KaciFan 2011-08-04
Need to get Sara, Lisa Sparxx & Jada Fire together with 15 about guys, would love too see that!
BK718 2011-08-03
Sarah is a sexy cat!!! S cat babe!!
BK718 2011-08-01
Queen of fetish porn! Keep hammering baby.
daredevil4ctg 2011-07-22
Well she is not so beautiful but just look at that ASS ! I can do anything to fuck that ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jameshendson 2011-07-01
Big ass, big tits. What more could you ask for?
hod_ro 2011-06-02
Exelent Sara!!!
I just threw up a little.
thedigzy 2011-05-21
it's a sin that a pornstar doesn't do anal. i expect more.
jimmyKos 2011-05-19
wow what a hot milf
daredevil4ctg 2011-05-13
Her Asshole looks a little bigger now . Maybe she started to do Anal sex in her private life .
panzer103 2011-05-09
Her bio says fake boobs. Really?
ukon_dav 2011-05-09
Have a safe & pleasant trip to my home town London UK. We need some booty in ldn.
thisis4me 2011-05-02
great ass to finish to,thanks sara for wearing a
sienna west 2011-05-01
inally I saw her first Anal sex scene
daredevil4ctg 2011-04-19
Now it's time to do some Anal sex scene . I hope you'll do your first Anal sex scene with Shane Diesel or Lex Steele . (LOL)
BonerRaider 2011-04-11
A+ tits for sure! Her face is a bit haggard...but looks better with a coat of jizz sprayed across it!
selected 2011-04-11
Certainly not beautiful, but seems to be very nice and just loves to fuck. Would love to see her take it in her ass.
Alfredvincent 2011-03-26
OMG!!!! I love her nice naked pussy
Al_Fred 2011-02-24
Apart from having a wonderful ass, she has one of the prettiest pink pussy I've ever seen. Lately I'm beginning to notice and appreciate her blowjob skills too.
2steps 2011-02-19
She needs a nosejob.
Søuth 2011-02-09
man i love sara jay but i wish she would take it up the ass!
watching a video of her right now! She is making me so horny!
daredevil4ctg 2011-01-22
I want to smash that ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
timon 2011-01-21
Nice taste Ukoon_dav Respect she is amazing her boobs is made for porn and people 2 watch
timon 2011-01-21
Ukon_dav I adore men like u with such agreat porn tatse ..this girl is amazing
Alikhan 2011-01-12
She is just a whore
nobilise 2011-01-09
Frustrating! It's time for her to work some duty with her booty already.
ukon_dav 2011-01-07
Sara hope you vicky & deauxma do great in miss freeones. X
ukon_dav 2010-12-29
I WANT your booty. I slid my vote into your box
ukon_dav 2010-12-24
The,bootyfull Sara jay. I just love her booty xxx
milesobrian 2010-12-22
This woman is all A's- that is awesome,amazing,adorable,addictive...Wow!
kcftfan 2010-12-17
Such a hot, perfect ass and gorgeous legs
JayJSantana 2010-12-16
I love everything about Sara Jay!! Ass is ridiculous!! Muah!
ukon_dav 2010-12-14
I love your booty
daredevil4ctg 2010-12-14
C'mon Girl, Listen to your fans and start doing Anal sex scenes . Your fans want to see a big cock in your ASS !!!!
twinlab99 2010-12-13
A little bigger, but hot and dirty....god lovem ....haha.
daredevil4ctg 2010-12-11
What a great ASS !!!!!!
kingpresleexXx 2010-12-06
voted four times different computers
UNKLEJESSE70 2010-12-04
4 votes from UNKLEJESSE69
a1xtreme 2010-12-04
I voted, love you.
Christa 2010-11-30
One word I'll suck her big titties!
timon 2010-11-22
female is the same word and gievs the same meaning of sara jay
daredevil4ctg 2010-11-21
I want anal sex scenes from her .
kebu74 2010-11-20
the hottest milf around
colorado 2010-11-16
her body is screaming "fuck me"! i would be comfortable to die after having her fuck me.
agaag 2010-11-14
Happy Birthday to a very beautiful lady with a nice body and very beautiful butt. I wish I could be with you for the party.
milesobrian 2010-11-14
Happy birthday to one fantastic and sexy MILF!
Marok 2010-11-13
norm babusya
Marok 2010-11-13
???? ??????
guense77 2010-11-07
sara jay me encanta, buaa como me pone la daria por el culo hasta k se artase dios q pedazo de culo tiene como me gustaa
Jizz4812 2010-10-30
Pornography is a bit like marmite. You either love it or hate it! lol.
daredevil4ctg 2010-10-26
Sara It's time to take a big black cock in your ass !!!
pzr 2010-10-19
pzr 2010-10-19
I Would Tit Fuck her ass
pzr 2010-10-19
pzr 2010-10-19
I love Sarah Jay
Buckman64 2010-10-17
I Would Tit Fuck her ass
BK718 2010-10-16
I love Sarah Jay!!! I would fuck her with my 3 inch black cock. Sarah Jay has a BIG BOOTY!!! Oh yea dog!! Holla!!! I have 3 inches of black dick for you Sarah!!!
camplo72 2010-10-16
she has sexy feet to!!
timon 2010-10-03
You are one of the few girls that confuses me when i start to cum cuz everypart of your body deserve to be cummed over your hands legs stomach neck and ofcurse tits puusy ass dont know u need alot of masterbation
pdogg187 2010-10-02
great pussy, nice ass that needs to get worked over and big tits.
daredevil4ctg 2010-09-21
Still waiting for her first anal sex scene. That beautiful ass needs a cock inside it.
Old mad one36 2010-08-08
Sara jay has a nice bubble butt
RectumRecker 2010-08-06
Sara, you are the absolute queen of the big azz white babes. Any chance we will ever see that sweet juicy ass ever penetrated by a large dong?? If so, check me out. The name says it all.
licker0pussy 2010-07-19
daredevil4ctg 2010-07-17
Enough is enough . Now it's time to fuck your ass Sara!!!
Gordobello 2010-07-15
One of the best pornstar...
chikala 2010-06-24
She is really addictive... I would pay twenty grand to fuck her.
JakeXIII 2010-06-11
keyjey 2010-06-05
hi sara. was very astonished. :-) its really a pleasure watching you. lookin forward for your next live-performance. u'r GREAT!
SaraJay 2010-06-03
Hi everyone!!! Really want to thank you for coming here!! Even the haters. I am live Today at at 6pm est June 3. I am also live at Score Club LA Feature Dancing June 4 and 5 :) See you soon!
Roald 2010-06-03
Sara Jay is doing her FIRST EVER Feature Dance performance at The Score Club Los Angeles on June 4 & 5, 2010 Shows at 8pm and 11pm!!!
deand 2010-05-30
good Hot and horny Sara Jay can shake her booty at me anytime
daredevil4ctg 2010-05-30
I want anal sex scenes from her.
I will eat that from the back and let her sit on my dick.
karl segers 2010-05-27
forget the face,she is not a beauty queen,but no way ugly,but what a hot ass perfect round ass, big fucking tits and you know that pussy is good as r Top 10 dream fuck!!!
tomashby 2010-05-25
hi sara jay u r my faverd porn star your frend tom ashby loveya lots
madoteko 2010-05-24
she must call her sara everyday Ineed to watch her do some anal
Jizz4812 2010-04-22
LOL! You're such a joker.
Diggers 2010-04-15
Big tits, big ass and a filthy, big slut. What more could you possibly ask for? If you don't like their face that's why God invented doggy style.
Jizz4812 2010-04-11
I would even say Sheila Marie's face is prettier than Sara Jay's is! How I'd so love to bang the fuck out of her.
Jizz4812 2010-04-11
Out of Sara Jay and Priya Rai, who would you say has the better-looking face? I'd say Priya Rai, I absolutely love her.
Jizz4812 2010-04-11
Hey ksuriel, so Sara Jay doesn't have the most gorgeous face but there are a lot of porn stars that look even worse than her lol. By the way, do you like Veronique Vega, I think she's totally RED HOT! I'd do her any day.
bluebuzzer69 2010-04-10
Hot and horny Sara Jay can shake her booty at me anytime.
ksuriel 2010-04-08
She might be ugly but that dont stop you fools from cumming all over your keyboard!!!! smdh cornballs!!!!
Kreutzenauer 2010-03-29
Great ass, OK tits, UGLY face.
jason556 2010-03-28
People just like her because of her ass. Her tits are fake and she is ugly as hell.
jason556 2010-03-28
People like her because of her body, but damn she is ugly.
Yoichi23 2010-03-21
that woman can fuck
moneybars25 2010-03-16
i wanna see her do a feet scene
Diggers 2010-03-07
Sara is one hot, nasty piece of work and don't get me started on those fantastic tits and big bubble butt of hers. This girl is definitely built for comfort and not speed.
smokinj182 2010-03-06
ive seen way hotter than her
Baba66 2010-02-16
she is hot good boobs
horny80 2010-01-28
she's a hot babe
mainone 2010-01-27
The ass and tits are ridiculous. DAMN.
Alexon1970 2010-01-19
Im still waiting for her ferts Anal Scene!!!!!!!
vodniza 2010-01-19
YOu are my ispiration in te bed
harty32 2010-01-19
pity she doesn't like anal
zgoku_1987 2010-01-18
Sara is my favorite pornstar 100/100
Roald 2010-01-15
Sara = Sex
KaciFan 2010-01-14
Gotta luv a freak. Sara is up there with some of the greatest.
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