Released at: February 26, 2020 by MissaX
Adelaide, played by Gianna Dior, meets her new psychiatrist, Dr. Roman, played by Codey Steele. Adelaide walks into Dr. Roman's home office and catches a glimpse of his sweet wife Holly, played by Khloe Kapri. Adelaide has a cold, sharp, cool demeanor, and it's difficult for even a talented psychiatrist, like Dr. Roman, to figure her out. The audience soon learns that Adelaide's true passion is deception and manipulation. She sees herself as the puppeteer and seduces the people she corresponds with to make them her puppets. Adelaide comes in early for her appointment, but she's not here to see Dr. Roman. She's here for his wife, Holly. Adelaide knows a secret about Holly. She's unable to give birth. It's been a matter of contention between her and her husband. Holly doesn't feel like a real woman. She can't give him the single thing that they both want the most out of their marriage. Adelaide sees all of this just by glancing at a dusty crib full of Dr. Roman's files. She knows their secret and she'll use it to get what she wants. Poor Holly didn't stand a chance against Adelaide. Dr. Roman walks in on the two women undressing and Holly breaks down. Adelaide smiles in satisfaction, grabs her purse, and leaves. Dr. Roman quickly goes to Adelaide's home. He plans to break off their appointments. He doesn't want to see her around their home office ever again. Adelaide can't let that happen. She's spun her web and Dr. Roman walked right into it. Can he resist her seduction? Can anyone? Watch the story unfold.

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