Boot Camp Tickle

Released at: August 14, 2006 by TicklingParadise
A one hour break from a tough day in boot camp... 2 girls think that means to put on high heels, earrings, and crack open a beer! The Drill Instructor comes in and is furious. She gives them 3 days in the brig, including the most intense tickle tease they will ever have to endure. This is the last training class for this hardnosed DI... so after boot camp, the trainees have something very "special" planned for her!! The Drill Instructor is Bobbi, 6 foot tall, with beautiful size 10 feet! She isn't going to take any crap from these trainees, that's for sure! She is getting out of the army, and she wants to leave with a perfect record. That means she has to whip these trainees into shape no matter what. She is appalled when she finds them in the barracks drinking beer and throws them both into the brig. Brittany has attitude, so she is Bobbi's first victim. She is removed from her cell and taken to a dungeon like room equipped with a special ladder that holds her legs up while her wrists are cuffed and chained over her head. Her ankles are strapped to the ladder and her feet are in the perfect position for what Bobbi has planned! Brittany is still wearing her army socks and Bobbi tickles her feet with them on...for awhile! Then one by one, the socks come off exposing Brittany's soft sensitive soles. Her attitude is changing now as Bobbi reduces her to a weak, laughing ball of mush, especially when Bobbi sticks her fingers between Brittany's toes. Then she moves to the ribs, neck and armpits. Brittany begs for it to stop, but Bobbi won't stop until she stops begging. Finally, Brittany says, "Ok, tickle me more, I can take it", thinking that will stop the tease. WRONG!!!! Next we are proud to present Harper in her first Paradise Vision video! This girl is a rare find! We have had lots of very ticklish girls, but we put Harper in the top ten!! She has a super ticklish response and an incredible laugh that goes on and on and... Watch as Bobbi slowly removes her high heels, leaving Harper's bare soles at her mercy. She starts by tickling each foot with the heel of the shoe. Then she lets her fingers loose! Harper is going wild! The Drill Instructor wants Harper to say, "I love my country". Harper tries for 10 minutes to say it and can never seem to get the entire sentence out without busting up laughing! Of course, Bobby is relentless in her tickling the entire time. Not only does Harper have some of the most ticklish feet in the world...but her ribs are equally as ticklish! She is a gem and we know you'll want to see her again and again! Three months go by. Boot camp is over and graduation is here. Brittany makes arrangements with a sergeant to get into the brig. Then when Bobbi comes in to say good-bye they surprise her and she finds herself in the same tease room she had the two girls in! Now the tables are turned, only this time there are two ticklers!! They taunt her and tease her. They tease her. Oh, the revenge is so sweet to give her a dose of her own medicine. Now she can see how hard it is to say "I love my country" without laughing when Harper is pushing and pulling pipe cleaners between her toes on one foot, and Brittany's mile a minute fingers are all over the other!!!

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