Bringing Out The Worst

Released at: June 7, 2022 by Adult Time
Mickey Mod and Cadence Lux return home from a night out, but it's clear something is bothering Mickey. When Cadence asks why he's so pissed off, Mickey complains that all night Cadence has been hitting on other guys. During an intense verbal exchange, Mickey gets right in her face and ends up kissing her vigorously while running his hands over her body. Cadence is pretty turned on, and they both decided to let off some steam with some intense sex. Psychologist Whitney Wright used reverse psychology with two of her colleagues, Liv Revamped and Christy Love for a sex addicted patient Isiah Maxwell, who knows all these girls intimately. Eager to stay in the good graces of these beautiful women, Isiah begs for their forgiveness and promises to do anything they want to make amends for lying to them.

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