Diary Of My 19th Year, The

Released at: October 12, 2015 by DORCEL (English)
Sun, sex and a party at a swimming pool which quickly turns into sex. Tourists who have an orgy on a sailboat, we are in Ibiza. It is in this lewd atmosphere that Jade and Sabrina, two girlfriends, spend their holidays. They will live a crazy love story. Jade falls under the spell of a beautiful Hidalgo but Sabrina is in love with Jade... How will they withstand the situation ? With sex of coure! Sabrina will give both sides to a stranger one night on a beach. Jade found her girlfriend for a hot lesbian scene of reconciliation. And when they are invited to an evening orgy, one another go after their desires, Sabrina is being taken by all males present in the villa? The harmony will come back quickly between the two girlfriends, by sharing the same lover. That is also the magic of holidays...

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