Dream Girls: Mardi Gras Uncensored

Released at: September 19, 2005 by Dream Girls
The Ultimate Flash Expo!!! You'll love this Mardi-Gras documentary - the Ultimate Flash Expo!!! Join us as we take our annual journey through the debauchery of that infamous week surrounding Fat Tuesday where we un-cover America's finest babes baring it all - anywhere and anyplace! We work around the clock, and we're still amazed what a girl will do, just for beads! We've never seen the streets of New Orleans so flooded with wholesome and absolutely beautiful collegiates. These girls were more than provocative, stunning, seductive, astonishing, and sensational! They were downright outrageous!! Don't blame us if you see your sister or neighbor showing it all in the streets, balconies, hallways, stairwells, and corridors of New Orleans!! This is all the action with no filler - flash after flash.

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