Femorg: Lu Elissa "Pink & Pulsing"

Released at: November 22, 2017 by Femorg
Lu Elissa is a hot blonde 29-year-old with large natural breasts an almost-shaved pussy that loves to masturbate, and it shows! She wastes no time stripping off and getting down, buzzing her pussy to pulsating orgasms with a wand vibrator, every time leaving it flushed bright pink! Lu Elissa waves to the camera as she sits on the sofa in a summery flower print short dress. She is quick to slip the straps off her shoulders, unhook her bra from behind, and release her pair of very large natural breasts! Lu hikes her dress up before slipping her panties off and discarding them to the floor, and after a quick pussy rub, she picks up her pink wand vibrator. The toy has her squirming and panting very quickly as she stimulates her clit with it. Lu really takes her time masturbating, soaking up all the sensations as her big vibrator brings her closer and closer to cumming. Her pussy is quite pick from stimulation. Suddenly, Lu's body really starts to tremble as she goes over the edge and cums! "How was that?" asks the cameraman ... "That was very good" she giggles as she fans herself to cool down! Pink must be Lu's color ... she hops onto the bed wearing a pink top and blue lingerie beneath. She hoists her ample breasts out of her blue bra and through the top of her pink outfit, then removes her panties. This time she chooses to use the real McCoy ... the Hitachi magic wand. Switching it onto low power, Lu plants it on her clit and closes her eyes. Once again, the stimulation has her softly moaning and hissing and panting in a matter of seconds. A little more masturbation and her body starts to twitch and shift in response to her heightened sexual energy. Lu is not the fastest to reach her orgasm, but she really seems to enjoy every second of her masturbation sessions! She keeps the Hitachi firmly planted as she gets more and more aroused, eventually getting there with a nice series of fluttering contractions! Her pussy is totally pink now, closely matching her dress! Lu struts into the room in high heels, a short black skirt, and a striped shirt. She sits down on the couch next to the Hitachi and unbuttons her shirt. Standing up briefly, she releases her skirt and drops it to the floor. Next, she pulls her large breasts out of her red bra and gives each nipple a good tweak. Panties go next ... she really isn't messing around! Lu fingers her pussy for a moment before settling down with the Hitachi on her clit again. She loves masturbating and it shows - she just gets comfortable and does her thing without worrying about her audience. Lu is already gently moaning and panting from the sensations that the big vibrator is delivering. She cups her breast and tweaks her nipple on occasion as she keeps the wand planted on her sensitive spot. Lu just focuses on herself, and sure enough, the Hitachi does its magic again as Lu cums again with her soft contractions. Once again, Lu is left with a bright pink pussy! Back on the bed, Lu is sitting on her feet wearing a cute sun dress and blue lingerie underneath. She drops the dress to her mid-section, then takes her bra off completely. Lu leans back against the pillows, gives her pussy a quick rub, and then takes her panties off. She immediately goes for her pink wand vibrator, turning it on and placing it firmly on her clitoris. That toy too has her panting and hissing and softly moaning in seconds. The camera moves in for a closer look of Lu's pussy as she masturbates - close enough to see her moisture, but far enough that we can still see her face between her thighs. Lu concentrates on the business of masturbating, and it's not all that long before her legs start to tremble, and her moans get more intense. Lu is in her zone! She keeps on masturbating with the big pink vibrator as a bead of her pussy juice pools at the base of her vagina...then Lu cums hard with a nice series of strong orgasm contractions! The camera man asks her to open her pussy...my, how pink it is!

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