Firing & Punishing the Babysitter Jezebeth for Stealing

Released at: December 21, 2019 by Filthy Kings Clips
My wife had a suspicion that the babysitter Jezebeth was going through our stuff and sure enough, our security camera caught her going into our room. Of course, I was the one that had to confront Jezebeth about this. Jezebeth tried to explain herself but my wife had already made her mind up, she begged for forgiveness pleading with me that she would do anything to keep this job. I am a man and I have my needs, lately, my wife has not been fulfilling them. I tell Jezebeth if she wants to make it up to me she has to give me her tight pussy. I fuck, punish, and fire my babysitter right in the living room... Maybe I will keep her around after all.

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