Getting My Money's Worth From Stepsis

Released at: March 17, 2017 by My Pervy Family
My sis may look innocent, but she knows exactly what she wants...and how to get it. Ever since that one night that we were drinking and sharing a close brother/sister bonding moment, I slipped up and confided in her that she made me horny. At the time she told me how cute it was that I had a crush on her, and promised me that she would never tell anyone of my feelings for her. But since then she has been using that to exploit and tease me into getting what she wants. Every time she wants something, she will tease me and make me feel like she is going to do things with me, but always makes me give her what she wants 1st....then acts like something comes up and promises me it will happen another time. Well....I am sick of being manipulated and taken advantage of! So this last time that she got me to give her my allowance money that I just earned from Mom & Dad, and didn't give me any favors in return....I decided to take matters into my own hands! Watch as I TAKE what I have earned, and make sure that I get my money's worth! It's time for brother to get what he wants for a change, and what I want is to feel the insides of my sis's vagina...

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