Girl Girl Sex 246

Released at: August 24, 2018 by abbywinters
Scene 1: Sensually taking her top off, Thais smiles as Livia grabs her burn firmly. Slowly leaning forward, Thais poses her lips on Livia's, gently kissing her as they continue to undress. Moving her body upwards, Thais positions herself right on top of Livia, and delicately moving her panties aside, uncovering her full bush, Livia passionately licks her vulva while Thais moans in pleasure. Turning around, the girls continue enjoying themselves in a sensual 69. Bending over, Thais puts her legs behind her head while Livia vigorously fingers her. Grabbing a rope, Thais ties Livia up, leaving her unable to close her legs, as she gives her pleasure alternating her tongue and fingers until she reaches a powerful orgasm. Scene 2: Softly caressing Dominika's shoulder, Anais sits behind her, moving her fingers along her neck while Dominika closes her eyes and her breathing speeds up. Leaning towards her, Anais presses her small breasts against Dominika's while both girls smile naughtily. Standing in front of Anais, Dominika offers her nipples to Anais, Letting her kiss them devotedly while she takes off Dominika's panties, uncovering her delicate vulvar. Laying down on the floor, the girls finger each other in numerous positions, while licking each other until they reach a powerful orgasm and fall sleep in each other's arms

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