Girl Watcher's Paradise 4187, A

Released at: July 10, 2020 by G.D. Douglass
This one hour video features those great G.D. Douglass "spread leg", "spread cheek", "show pink", "prove it's a girl" poses all over the studio! She's in a workout set, a secretarial set, a sexy mind examining interview. She is then asked to promise to try very hard to relax and have a "real" orgasm using what many claim is the "best vibrating orgasm machine in the world"!

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Scene1: 00:00:07 - 00:13:22 (13:15)

Scene2: 00:13:25 - 00:26:58 (13:33)

Scene3: 00:27:01 - 00:37:48 (10:47)