Hailey Young's Ponyboy & Ivy's Plaything

Released at: March 22, 2016 by Shadowplayers
Hailey Young takes her slave out into the desert for pony boy training. She keeps him harnessed in leather and vicious nipple clamps, teasing him into constant erection while she makes him pull her about in a cart. After a good workout, she has him lick her shaved pussy to orgasm and rewards him with a blowjob. Meanwhile, Mistress Ivy Thornton subjects her plaything to several punishments. She beats his ass with whips and canes and demands extensive foot worship while he is bound to a rack with his cock and nipples punished. Shackling him to uncomfortable bed springs, Ivy further teases her plaything with CBT, sharp nipple clamps, and a funnel gag that culminates in some squirting. In a final humiliation, Mistress Ivy's slave must stay on his knees with a humbler attached to his balls. More degradation is ensured with electrical impulses into the humbler, a butt plug, and more tricks with the funnel.

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