More Dirty Debutantes #263

Released at: October 13, 2011 by Ed Powers Productions
Chemistry has a lot to do with what makes up a good scene. Since this series represents reality, sexual exploration, and mostly first time on camera situations, you will find the content of this video a birdie on course (golf term). Pixie and Betty Sue have the right chemistry in this loving but steamy girl-girl scene. Let's put it this way... they got along and got it along pretty well in my experience! Ibiza's first time on camera was a pleasure indeed for me! Her presence is felt! Ibiza is a very sexual being! Angelina just turned 18. She's from England and a bit shy, but not for long. I loved sharing the intimacy with her. Dana Vespoli makes the leap from her earlier R&D scene from ~~#261~~, to her first boy-girl scene, going hardcore. Dana is a pleasure to be around too! ~~MDD #263~~ is here... please enjoy! Made with love, Ed Powers

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