Official Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Parody

Released at: November 2, 2010 by Black Ice
When this West Philly home boy moves to the cloistered California neighborhood of Bel-Air, he barely knows what hit him. But he learns fast that to fit in, he better hit everything in town. Trying to get along with his uptight cousin Hilary and his horny cousin Carlton who's always trying to get laid, Will discovers that a man of his "ability" just might find his place in Bel-Air after all. This laugh-out-loud adult film has been shot in the similar sitcom fashion and will showcase all of the fan favorites from the long running show. This film distinctively catches the essence of the sitcom presenting two "episodes" of the show, taking one concept from the actual show and another episode from the creative wit of director DaWayne Dane himself.

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Scene1: 00:03:17 - 00:37:43 (34:26)

Scene2: 00:39:51 - 01:05:55 (26:04)

Scene3: 01:08:17 - 01:35:09 (26:52)

Scene4: 01:42:24 - 02:00:28 (18:04)

Scene5: 02:03:32 - 02:26:10 (22:38)

Scene6: 02:27:12 - 02:51:58 (24:46)