POV Master

Released at: July 12, 2010 by Rodney Moore
**2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best POV Release.** **2011 AVN Award Nominee for Most Outrageous Sex Scene.** Moxxie Maddron & Rodney "Left Behind Sub" Rodney pulls out all the stops on this one, already one of his all time favorite scenes. He comes back to his studio that he's rented out to find the photographer left his submissive model behind handcuffed. Rodney frees her, but she's not ready to be freed from service. She wants to be spanked and flogged, but mostly she wants cock. She begs Rodney for his meat, and is willing to do anything to have it, including licking his ass. She wants his cock everywhere, in her mouth, her pussy and her butt. But she does need a little disciplining and Rodney teaches her how to properly behave. He puts goggles on her, cums all over them and then she is delighted to lick and suck the cum off of them. Charlotte Vale, Victoria Lawson & Rodney "The House Slave" Rodney is checking out a new shooting location. Victoria is showing him the studio dungeon, which comes with a "house slave," Charlotte Vale. Sexy Victoria offers Rodney a free sample, so he gets Charlotte sucking his cock, then takes both of them into the dungeon, where he spanks them and plays with some of the dungeon toys. After fucking Charlotte, he can't resist her luscious ass. They go to find some lube, and play a "ring toss" game on her butt with two actors, winner getting a BJ. But Rodney can't wait to be in Charlotte's ass, after which he shoots a big load all over Victoria's face, which Charlotte licks off. NOTE: This shoot was done with two cameras, one POV and one wide shot, with both images on screen. Zayda & Rodney "Zayda Submits" Zayda is about to do her very first nude photo shoot. But when Rodney sees her hot naked body, he wants much more. He also senses that Zayda is very submissive and that she not only will submit to his desires, she wants to be taken by a strong willed guy (and a strong hard cock)! Rodney has his way with her. He puts her in kneepads to suck his dick, spanks her ass red, and then does his world famous "ONE MAN DP" on her!! He cums a big load all over her face, then spoons it into her mouth for her to swallow. Camilla Rhodes & Rodney "It Seems So Wrong (But Feels So Right)" Camilla works for a location management company, offering production companies locations. She's scouting Rodney's place, but when she sees his collection of BDSM gear, her "moral conscience" won't allow her to recommend his space. Rodney tells her she shouldn't knock it until she's tried it. He tempts her with a little spanking first, then shows her she's just as immoral as the rest of us by turning her into an adultress. She relishes every moment of her new found immorality, taking Rodney's cock in her mouth and pussy, and she even gets "ONE-MAN-DP'd" plus gets the real thing in her butt as well. To get her used to her new lifestyle, Rodney makes her leave his place with cum still a-drippin' off her face and all over her business jacket.

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