Private Moments 108

Released at: June 1, 2017 by abbywinters
**Scene 1**: Slender Alexandra lies in bed wearing only her panties as she touches her small breasts and teases herself. Her hands move down her body and opens up her legs as she rubs into her hairy pussy underneath her knickers. Taking her clothes off, she plays with her large labia. Pinching her pink nipples she gets turned on and she masturbates her wet pussy till she orgasms. **Scene 2**: "I don't use baby oil often but I really like the feeling of oil on my skin." Billie and Mara are lounging in the bathroom as Billie liberally applies oil on her slender and long legs. Mara joins in and also lotions herself up in the oil. Billie asks Mara to apply the oil on her back and proceeds to remove her clothing. "My bum could use a little bit of oil." Fully nude, Billie and Mara continue to apply oil all over their bodies and small breasts. "Oh, it feels nice down there." Their lubricated hands move towards their crotch as the girls pleasure themselves to a wet orgasm. **Scene 3**: "Where do you like to masturbate?" asks Aussie Leslie. "Everywhere," answers redhead Emma. Talking about their masturbation routines, the girls get naughty in bathroom. "I mostly use my fingers but I also have some toys, also for anal play." Leslie teases her pert breasts and moves her hands over her full bush. Emma takes off her vintage bra and knickers and plays with her ginger pubic hairs as she gets her pink nipples wet before both girls start rubbing their clits and masturbate to orgasm. **Scene 4**: Lying on a blanket in the secluded forest floor, Laura puts the book she is reading to the side and starts to slowly caress her arms with her fingers. She turns around to lie on her back and uses the pendant of her necklace to tickle her nipples. Her hands travel around her body and reach her crotch. She removes her tights and top, flashes her armpit hair and hairy bush peep through. Alone outdoors, she massages her clit until she orgasms. **Scene 5**: Curvy Layla sits fully clothed on her dining table as she teases herself. Pulling her pink shirt down, she grabs her large breast with one hand and with the other, she rubs into her pussy. Getting aroused, she takes her clothes off, licks her finger and starts fingering her perfectly shaved pussy. Turning on her pink sex toy, she moves it into her meaty lips and masturbates to orgasm. **Scene 6**: Slender Victoria lies on sofa and touches her pert breasts under her pink tank top. Her hands move down her body and they get into her shorts so she can tease herself. Pulling her shirt up, she licks her perky nipples. Takes her shirt off, she plays with her full bush. Finding a condom, she makes a balloon out of it that she rubs on her hairy pussy. Grabbing her sex toy, she inserts it into her wet pussy as she masturbates to orgasm.

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