Rachel Steele Classics Volume 12

Released at: October 30, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Paying The Paperboy Rachel is relaxing when she hears a knock at the door. It is the young neighborhood paperboy, looking to collect. Rachel is behind on her payments, and he needs to collect her past due balance. Rachel does not have her checkbook and, honestly, does not really want to pay him. She asks if there's anything she can do to settle her account. The young guy has no idea how to react to what this busty MILF is implying. She finally cuts right to the chase, taking out his cock to suck. She slurps and jerks his young dick, taking out her big boobs for him to fondle. Soon enough, he is cumming in Rachel's mouth. The bill has been settled, and the paperboy goes on his happy way. Scene 2 - Rachel Tips the Bellboy Rachel is staying at a nice hotel and a young bellboy brings her luggage up to her room. Rachel has a tight low cut sweater on and a short skirt, she loves to tease young hotties and see what she can get away with. The bell boy sets her luggage down, and Rachel looks in her wallet for a cash tip but does not have any. The bellboy tells her she can pay him another time, but Rachel refuses. She insists he sit while she looks for something to give him. She comments on how strong he is from handling baggage all day. Rachel finds some oil in her purse and tells him to let her give him a special tip. He reluctantly agrees, she pulls his pants off and oils his cock. Rachel loves it; she cannot turn down a young hot boy in a uniform. She knows how to really get him going as she unbuttons her sweater and lets him tit fuck her oiled breasts. She strokes his cock until its blue, then she has him stand up and she jerks his cock until he blows his load all over her sexy face. The bellboy tells her he will be back with the rest of her bags, but he will need help and asks her if it is ok to bring some other bellboys. Rachel giggles. Scene 3 - Plumber Cleans Rachel's Pipes Rachel's MILF friends have referred a plumber to her to fix her pipes. Rachel is a bored hot MILF and is always looking for a good time. The plumber fixes her drain. Rachel sits up on the counter with her miniskirt on and opens her legs so he gets a peek of her wet panties. She asks him how much it will cost, and he tells her they could do a trade, he fixes her pipes so she could fix his. Rachel thought he would never ask. She dropped to her knees and pulls his hard cock out; she takes it in her mouth and swallows the whole thing. Rachel opens her shirt and shows him her big tits. She plays with her pussy while sucking him off. She lifts her leg up on the counter so he has access to her dripping wet pussy, and he fingers her while groping and sucking her tits. He lifts her up on the counter and licks her cunt as she moans in pleasure. Rachel hops down and takes his cock in her hand to pull all his cum out. He shoots it all over her face. Rachel asks him if he can do some more repairs around the house, and of course he agrees. Scene 4 - Rachel Tricked By Stepson Rachel got all dressed up sexy for her husband; he blindfolded her and fucked her for all of three minutes, shot a load inside her and then got off the bed. Rachel was pissed, she had not cum and wanted to finish, but he got up and left for work. Rachel stayed on the bed blindfolded and angry at him. She did not know he had left, and her husband's son was watching the whole time and knew his stepmom was not satisfied. He climbed up on the bed and gave her soft kisses on the neck. Rachel thought her husband had a change of heart and came back to finish the job. Rachel liked the change and welcomed him to fuck her. He pushed her legs all the way back and fucked her until she had a huge orgasm. She pulled him close and screamed for more, so he gave it to her, flipping her over doggie style. He came inside her hard and Rachel came with him again. She was very pleased. She removed the mask to thank him for finally fucking her the way he used to and saw it was Johnathan! Scene 5 - Rachel Jerked Off the Wrong Guy Rachel works for an adult talent agency and she is hired to give a young bachelor a handjob. His friends requested this service and paid Rachel well. When she arrived at his house, she walked in and congratulated him. He was a little confused, but wanted to find out what this was all about. Rachel smiled at him and told him that she was his bachelor gift from his friends. She told him that she was not there to strip for him, but was there to give him the hottest handjob he has ever had. The young man did not say anything, so Rachel sat him down on the couch and pulled his shorts off to reveal his massive cock. She sucks, and licks and oils it up good. Rachel removes her top to show him her big beautiful tits. She climbs up on the couch with him, allowing him to suck her tits and play with her pussy. When she feels the young bachelor is ready to cum, she gets on her knees and tells him to cum all over her pretty face. He shoots a massive load of cum in her mouth and all over her face. Rachel tells him everything has been paid for, but she would appreciate a nice tip. The young man's tip to Rachel is to tell her that the bachelor's house is three doors down. She just jerked off the wrong man! Scene 6 - Dean's List Bonus Rachel is a professor at the local college. She has been working with a student who has been struggling to improve his grades. She receives his grades for the semester and finds that he has made the Dean's List. She decides to go to his dorm room to personally give him the news. It is late and he is already in bed, but she cannot wait until morning to give him the good news. The two of them worked very hard to bring his grades up. Rachel is so happy for him and wants to reward him for all his hard work. She tells him that she has noticed him looking at her in a sexual way and, since he is her favorite student, she can only think of one way to reward him. She pulls his shorts off, oils up his cock and begins to stroke him. She unzips her dress to reveal her breasts to him and allows him to enjoy them. Rachel becomes so aroused that she lifts her skirt to show him her wet pussy. He cannot resist the temptation and begins fingering her while she continues to stroke his cock. She can feel his cock begin to throb and lets him release his hot young load all over her face. Scene 7 - Election Blackmail Rachel was running against Congressman Austin for the upcoming election. She and her assistant wanted this badly. Rachel's assistant came up with a plan. They would call his office and tell him Rachel will give him the election, all he had to do was visit her at her house to sign some paper work. The plan was when he arrived, Rachel would show him her tits and she and her assistant would then drag him in the bedroom where they tie him up and kiss his face with red lipstick. They then slowly jerked him off making him choose, cum or the election, he chose to cum all over both of their hands. When they were done with him, Rachel told him the press and his wife would be there any minute to find him like that. Scene 8 - Neighborhood Slut Goes Too Far Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are good, church-going neighbors. They did not approve of their neighbor Rachel Steele but tolerated her because it was the right thing to do. When they found out she was having sex with their son, they knew they had to do something drastic to stop her. They went over to her house prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her away from their son. They decided to punish her with sex. They told her if she did not do everything they told her, including stay away from their son, that they would ruin her in the community. She did not really understand what they had in mind until Mrs. Johnson lifted her dress to reveal a big black strap-on dildo between her legs. Mr. Johnson pulled the belt free of her robe and and Rachel went down on her knees. He jerked her nightgown down to expose her

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