Released at: November 4, 2020 by Viv Thomas
Everyone has... **Secrets** **Secret #1:** I'm in love with my housemates boyfriend but I'm too afraid to admit it. We make love at least once a week while she sleeps, and I let him do anything to me. **Secret #2:** I have to see my white boyfriend in secret because my family don't want me to be with him. **Secret #3:** My step-brother and I have planned to have sex, and I've said I'm going to let him fuck my ass. **Secret #4:** I had sex with my best friends young daughter, and abused my position of trust. **Secret #5:** I'm in love with a work colleague. I can't be sure she's a lesbian, but we're working late tonight and I'm going to make a move. **Secret #6:** My lover and I enjoy unprotected sex, so to prevent pregnancy and ruining her marriage she likes me to cum inside her asshole.

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