Tattooed Cocksuckers

Released at: May 14, 2019 by British Bukkake Productions
British Bukkake Productions announces the release of its fourth release, "Tattooed Cocksuckers", which is now on general release The title features an array of inked British models, a mixture of experienced girls from the current porn circuit along with some fresh faces starting out in the business. Directed by Robin Banks and produced by British Bukkake Productions, "Tattooed Cocksuckers" features some of the U.K.'s top inked adult stars and even tempted Gina Lynn Jameson out of her porn movie sabbatical. "I've always had a passion for decorated ladies from an early age and it's not abated now I'm in my 40s," said Banks. "Thankfully we've really struck gold with some of the lustiest inked girls this year-they certainly seem to enjoy dick, taking facials and getting a good fucking!" The title features newcomers Jade Wilson, Phoenix Madina and Victoria 'Classy Filth' alongside established performers Adreena Winters, Skyler Mackay and Gina Lynn Jameson.

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