Teighjiana and Unique

Released at: March 11, 2022 by Transational Fantasies
Pretty trans girl Unique invites her gal pal TeighJiana over so they can try on outfits for tonight's bikini contest. The suits are super skimpy, and the girls can't help but check themselves (and each other) out in the mirror. Unique has never been with another girl before, but seeing her best friend looking so sexy, she wants to touch her. She starts fondling TeighJiana's pierced breasts and can't help but give them a suckle. Then, she slips down to her knees and takes TeighJiana's girl dick into her mouth. TeighJiana takes a turn slurping, then they sixty-nine on the couch. With the help of the queening chair, TeighJiana sits above Unique as she gags on her huge trans girl clit. When Unique gets her turn, she shoots a huge load of lady spunk all over camera lens. TeighJiana licks it off and cums in Unique's mouth.

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