Released at: February 7, 2016 by Amator
  • Studio: Amator
  • Duration: 00:58:00
  • Scene count: 2
  • Cast:
This demanding diva knows she's in charge and whatever she says goes! That's why it's no surprise that this obedient sex slaves have no problem submitting to her every whim. He crawls to her on all fours prod to show her that he didn't tamper with the chastity belt she's placed on his naughty bits. Since he's been such a good boy, she straps up and stretches his asshole with her big, black cock. Next, she binds him to a St. Andrews Cross and a little whipping and nipple play before leaving him there until she's ready to play again!

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Scene1: 00:00:32 - 00:45:30 (44:58)

Scene2: 00:45:31 - 00:57:13 (11:42)