Volume KP 26 - Half Time Whores

Released at: December 14, 2006 by Kandi Peach Productions
Our first Foot-balling video party was a big success! In Volume KP 26 "Half-Time Whores", Chloe, Cremepuff, Rene and Kandi take on a house full of horny studs that have no interest in football but instead fucking! This was Chloe's very first time attending a video swing party and she was somewhat nervous, but she ended up being the party slut by the end of the night! Rene got things started by taking a guy to the bed and getting into a hot 69 session with him. Cremepuff got turned on from watching and joined in as well. What guy wouldn't want to have two girls suck his cock at the same time? Cremepuff is a true bisexual and started playing with Rene's pussy until she had a squirting orgasm all over the bed. Kandi joined in for some more double sucking! The next thing you know, Cremepuff and Kandi were bent over and both getting fucked from behind. Porno Jimmy shot his wad all over Kandi's ass and she reached around to scoop the cum up and she ate it right out of her own hand! Cremepuff continued to get pounded by a black stud until he dumped his load all over Cremepuff's pussy! Sinclair had his eye on breaking Chloe in since this was her very first video and as soon as the bed was open he took her to it. After eating Chloe out she was ready to suck some cock! She slurped and gobbled on Sinclair's cock like a bitch in heat! Rene wanted some more fucking and she re-joined the bed with Porno Jimmy. Kandi even dropped to her knees and started sucking a huge cock beside of the bed. Since the room was getting crowded and Sinclair had some special things he wanted to do with Chloe, he took her to the back bedroom! Sinclair was in the back bedroom with Chloe when the cameraman rejoined them. He was talking very dirty to Chloe and she was loving every minute of it. You could tell Chloe loved being a slut and whore for Sinclair because she was moaning loudly and her pussy was sopping wet and making slurping sounds as Sinclair drove his cock in and out of her. Then Sinclair quietly whispered that he wanted her ass and Chloe agreed! Though she had never done it before, Chloe surrendered her anal cherry and let Sinclair pound her asshole roughly as she moaned even louder. Finally it was more than Sinclair could stand and he blew his load all over her pussy! Kandi liked the sight of it so much that she got down on Chloe and not only ate the cum up but then eat Chloe's pussy until she was screaming with pleasure. Now it was time for Chloe to do a few more firsts. Since she was having such a good time Sinclair asked her to take her first black cock and be a party whore and let every guy in the house fuck her! Chloe was happy to oblige and she let 5 more guys fuck her and she took her first black cock! This was one hot party and Chloe is one hot, nasty slut and you can see more about this video below!

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