Volume KP 32 - Lainey Loves Cum

Released at: December 15, 2006 by Kandi Peach Productions
In Volume KP 32 "Lainey Loves Cum" this little cutie shows just how much she loves playing with cum! The first scene starts off with Lainey talking to a new friend. You can tell by the way she giggles that she is excited about fucking a guy she had just met! It isn't long before they start getting it on. Lainey sucks his cock deep after he eats out her sweet pink pussy. Lainey loves to get on top and ride a hard cock until she gets flushed with color and begins to moan loudly and uncontrollably. You can tell that this little slut loves to get off and get fucked. After several position changes her new friend shoots his load of cum all over her 38 DDD tits! A hot cumshot to say the least but there is more! Next Kandi recommends one of her favorite playmates for Lainey to take for a test drive. This hung stud tries to wear Lainey out by pounding away at her sweet little cunt. Lainey rides her way to several orgasms before she spread her legs and fucks her new sex buddy until he dumps a load on Lainey's pussy for her to play with the way she loves. What a good girl at being bad! Lainey actually has sex for the first time with a black man! You can tell right away that she is excited and nervous about it as she sits on the edge of the bed. Big Daddy gives her a few kisses to relax her and then drops his pants to show Lainey why he is called "Big Daddy". Impressed with his size, Lainey drops down starts sucking his massive black cock. Lainey is no longer nervous as she sucks and slurps his big black dick. It isn't long before Lainey wants some of that cock up in her and she climbs on top of Big Daddy. Lainey starts riding Big Daddy's cock like a wild woman. There is just something exciting about seeing an innocent white girl getting off with her first black cock up in her. Big Daddy can hardly believe how much Lainey is getting off on him and gets off himself. Lainey slowly slips off of Big Daddy and say's how much fun she had. Big Daddy told her that it was only round one and get ready to do it again. Lainey gets back on top of Big Daddy and rides him until she is covered in sweat and weak from her own orgasms. Big Daddy then rolls her over and fucks her in several different positions! Finally Big Daddy ends up on his back again and jacking his cock. He tells Lainey to "get down there girl" and she does as he says. Big Daddy then proceeds to blow his cum all over her face and in her mouth. Lainey is happy to take her first interracial facial and she sucks his cock clean.

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